Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fractions for Kids - What is a Fraction?

Pieces, pieces make a whole. What’s a “whole” – a bunch of pieces!If you drop a plate, it may break into a couple of pieces or shatter into many smaller pieces. Each of these pieces is a fraction of that plate before it broke. The larger the pieces, the fewer there are of them – you might be able to glue them back together.  But, if the plate shattered, you would have many smaller pieces, or fractions of the plate – maybe too hard to glue back together. You would just have to sweep them up.

What are the parts of a fraction?

Now you know that fractions are pieces of a whole, and that a fraction can be a big piece or a very tiny piece.  Examples of fractions can be shown with a pizza. If you cut a pizza exactly in half, you will have two big pieces, right?  Each piece is 1/2of the pizza.  

The “2” on the bottom tells us we have two pieces.
It is called the denominator.

The “1” on the top tells we have one of those pieces. 
                                     It is called the numerator.

If we cut the pizza into three equal pieces, each piece will be 1/3 of the pizza. The denominator is “3” to tell us how many pieces we have. If we eat one of these pieces, we will eat 1/3 of the pizza. If we eat 2 pieces, we will eat 2/3 of the pizza. The number on top is the numerator and tells us how many of those 3 pieces we are eating. If we want more than 3 of these pieces, we will have to get another pizza, right?

To learn more about beginning fractions, please watch “What is a Fraction?”

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