Thursday, 21 August 2014

Important Terms

adjective:  a word that describes a noun

adverb:  a word that describes a verb

character:  a person or animal in a story

conclusion:  the last part of a paragraph or story

dialogue:  a conversation between two or more people in a story

fragment:  an incomplete sentence

indent:  to start the first line of a paragraph in from the edge of the page

main character:  the most important character in a story

noun:  a person, place, thing, or idea

paragraph:  three or more sentences about the same subject

predicate:  the part of a sentence that describes what happens to the subject

quotation marks:  the punctuation marks used at the beginning and ending of what someone says in a story

setting:  the background of the action in a story; where and when a story takes place

story pyramid:  a way to plan a story that looks like a pyramid

subject:           1.  the person or thing being discussed in a paragraph
                     2.  the person or thing that a sentence is about

supporting sentence:  a sentence in a paragraph that describes the topic

synonyms:  words that mean the same thing or almost the same thing

topic:  what a paragraph or story is about

turning point:  an important event in a story that solves the problem and leads to the  conclusion

topic sentence:  the sentence in a paragraph that explains what the paragraph is about

verb:  an action word